The objective of the festival is to unite today’s classic vehicles, which were icons of their day and each an item of cultural heritage, with their enthusiasts and to have them on board at this visual feast.

As the Antique Automobile Federation our wish is to have members of classic car clubs from Turkey and other countries, collectors, galleries and all classic car aficionados take place in the festival, display the rare beauties of their own, participate to the auction and share this visual feast with others.

Any classic car enthusiast taking a role in this 3-day festivity, every minute of which will be filled by classics, will without a doubt be looking forward to the next year’s festival. At the festival, classic car fans will find the opportunity to see in real the very special classics one would not be so lucky to come across in daily life, sell or swap their classics. Moreover, the festival will be a great venue for all participants to make new friends, establish contacts and to flourish the classic car hobby.

So, how does a three-day journey to the past, tasting and smelling like candies, sweets and soda from your childhood days sound?

Join the journey back in time to those good old days…

Antique Automobile Federation (the “AAF”) was formed in 2011 by eight antique automobile associations from different parts of the country, and is growing its nationwide network ever since. The objective of the Antique Automobile Federation is to increase the number of historically significant antique and classic motor vehicles in Turkey, to increase their popularity, and more importantly, preserve this heritage of historic vehicles in order to be able to demonstrate to next generations the details of the progress made in the automotive industry.

Following the guidelines of FIVA, International Federation of Historic Vehicles, the AAF admits automobiles, trucks, light-trucks, motorcycles and all sorts of motor vehicles of 30-years or older as either antique or classic vehicles.

Board of Directors of the Federation

Cengiz ARSAY Chairman of the Board
Saydun GÖKŞİN Vice-chairman of the Board
İhsan İlker DALDAL TAYALI Secretary General
Zeynep TURA Controller
Ahmet Nevzat TÜRKSEVER Member of the Board





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