Target / Potential Participants

FIVA and all member associations Antique Automobile Federation of Turkey and all member associations
Classic Car clubs from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,
Sweden, Germany, Greece, Republic of Kosova, Slovenia and Bulgaria
TUVTURK - Turkish Vehicle Inspection Stations
Istanbul Traffic Division Istanbul Municipality
Istanbul Governorship All Related Ministries
TOSFED - Federation of Turkey Automobile Sports TURING - Turkish Touring and Automobile Organization
Autodrom - Turkish Road Safety Acamedia  
Rahmi Koç Museum Keskinoglu Museum
Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum Mehmet Arsay Classic Car Museum
TOFAŞ Anatolian Car Museum KEY Museum
My Museum  
Classic Car Dealers / Galleries / Garages Classic Car Restoration Garages
Classic Car Spare Parts Dealers Classic Car Accessory Dealers